Apple TV

The Apple TV is not really a TV but a small black box. It allows an iPad running OS5 to wirelessly connect to a projector or TV via an HDMI cable. Many districts do not have projectors which support HDMI so they opt for an HDMI to VGA with audio converter. A teacher has the option to set a password so only the teacher can project to the Apple TV or may want to leave it open so students can share their iPad.

Below is a list of items you may want to purchase to support this. Thanks to Tim Kamps from Holland Christian Schools, Holland, MI for sharing.

Reflection - the Apple TV alternative (requires a Mac computer)

Users who use Macintosh OSX devices can connect their computer to a projector or TV and wirelessly connect their iPad to their Macintosh OSX computer using an application called Reflection and AirPlay. This application resides on Macintosh OSX computer and requires OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or greater. There is nothing to install on the iPad. Both video and audio are transmitted to the computer and through the computer to the projector. Cost $14.95 or a 5 license pack is only $49.95. Order it from Watch this YouTube video demo of Reflection