iPad Basics

Basics – Part I
  • Cases – samples
  • Cleaning the screen
  • Sharing your screen – connectors to projectors and HD TV; new type of lightening connector.
  • Multitasking Gestures – 5 finger shut
  • Rotate lock or mute – you decide
  • Installing a new apps – do you let it know your location? Do you let it notify you?
  • Keep OS up-to-date (Software Update)
  • Maximize your power – keep Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off unless you need it; use Airplane Mode
  • Decide on the most important apps to go on the 6 spots on the iPad dock at the bottom
  • Create folders to organize apps
  • iPad vs. iPhone apps – the 2x
  • Close apps from the memory
  • Taking a photo of the current screen
  • Turning the iPad off - completely
  • Search for apps (or other items – calendar appointment, names in contacts, etc.)

Basics – Part II
  • Using the camera – focus, zoom, taking and editing photos
  • Entering text – Notes, microphone in Gen 3 and above; split keyboard, secret keys
  • iCloud – Options; On/Off for selected apps; Find My iPad è ON
  • Management Options
    • Safari
    • FaceTime
    • iTunes
    • iBookstore
  • Installing Apps
  • Deleting Apps

Settings - General - Restrictions
  • Music & Podcasts – Explicit è Off (Clean)
  • Movies – Explicit è G or PG
  • TV Showsè TV-Y or TV-Y7, TV-G, TV-PG
  • Books – Explicit Sexual Content è Off (Restricted)
  • Apps è Don’t Allow Apps è9+ or 12+
  • In-App Purchases è Off
  • Require Password è Immediately

  • Location Services – Don’t Allow Changes or be selective (e.g. Google Earth)
  • Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, Bluetooth Sharing, Twitter, Facebooks - Don’t Allow Changes; Photos – some apps may need to access your photos

Allow Changes
  • Accounts – Don’t Allow Changes or be selective (e.g. Google Earth)
  • Friends – Don’t Allow Changes
  • Calendar – Don’t Allow Changes

Game Center
  • Multiplayer Games
  • Adding Friends

Other Resources