Finding Apps

  1. AAPitic - look at different categories and organization strategies
  2. I want to use my iPad as a...
  3. MakeUseof - Best iPad Apps - look at their categories
  4. Apps for Administrators
  5. Jordy Whitmer’s iPad resources
  6. Andy’s iPads for Administrators site - explore the screencasting sections
  7. iPads in Education - from the UK - check out the categories
  8. Ingham ISDs Training Wiki-8 different categories
  9. Brad Wilson’s Apps by Task
  10. Brad Wilson’s Top Apps site – nicely organized by subject area (from a 4th grade teacher’s view)
  11. Finding Apps for Elementary Ed – Brad Wilson’s Live Binder site
  12. Teaching with your iPad wiki
  13. iPad Apps in the Classroom – on
  14. Recommended Kindergarten Apps – look at the $10 and $20 worth of apps list. Includes free apps
  15. Eaton Rapids iPad Basics – a course in Moodle