Math - Counting and Addition

Highly Recommend

  • Splash Math I – Place Value, Numbers and Comparison, get it wrong won’t allow trying again, integrated scratch pad, can set up users or login as guest, prizes, many options (5) Free
  • Futaba – a game for 1 – 4 players. Image pops up and students work around outside of iPad and select the right word for the image to earn points (5) $4.99
  • Math Marble – move marble to add up numbers; can drag or move iPad; options for levels – adding numbers, adding coins, simple fractions – 2nd – 4th grade (5) $1.99
  • Rocket Math (5) Free
  • Line em Up – number line to learn number sequence. Many options - simple but works (4) Free
  • Build - Hungry Monster Lite – build words from parts and learn letter sounds Includes short vowels, long vowels, bossy r’s, other vowel teams, challenge level. Monster gets food when correct. No options. (4) Free
  • Kids Learning – My First Number Counting Game (Grasshopper Apps) – learn to count items, fingers, even add your own photos; many options (4) Free
  • Zoom (Motion Math) – a numberline game, find the number on the number line and then pop the bubble , option to have a timer (a needle) Few options, can upgrade (4) Free
  • Math Monsters – choose by age level, option for drills (>, +. -, x, /) cute number characters (4) Free
  • Hungry Fish – fish eats bubbles with correct numbers. Bubbles can be combined to be added before eating. Can unlock levels to move higher (4) Free
  • Apples in Hour Hands – time telling app for iPhone, K – 2 levels, no way to return to home, no options, must tilt the iPad to catch the falling fruit – simple (4) Free
  • Math Zombie – iPhone version, combine numbers to equal number displayed (4) $0.99
  • 100 Board – Montessori hundred board helping to reinforce sequencing. Simple but effective (4) $2.99
  • Counting Coins – (K12) match the value, total, how many cents; no options for customization (4) Free
  • ClockMaster (3) Free
  • Meet the VWLS (Preschool Prep) – select the right letter when letters are displayed. Selecting the right letter gives a visual reward (letter with image and sound) No options (3)

Recommend Checking Out

  • Monster Squeeze (McGraw-Hill) Two player game to guess secret number on a number line; 5 rounds in a game, players use a color for their player; options for number line (all in groups of 10 numbers maximum) (3) $1.99
  • PopMath Lite – pop bubbles by matching correct sum with math equation; iPhone version only (2) Free
  • Math Master Lite – grades 1 – 6; then select the test; (counting & numbers, addition, substraction – at 1st grade level) 20 minute timer; can take a screenshot with record (2)
  • Time to Learn Lite – time learning app – come setup options; narration sounds robotic, reward is a clipart image appears (2)
  • Kids Math Fun – iPhone game, addition and subtraction, options for minute math, double dare, no sounds (2)
  • Math Master Lite
    – select ending sounds and then match beginning letter to form word to match image. Many distracting buttons around screen, many option require in app purchase (2)
  • Paint and Learn – dot to dot to make picture and learn number order or letters. 10 pictures. Numerous prompts to update to full version. No way to delete last line if mistake (1) $2.99