Highly Recommend

  • Starring You Storybooks (formerly JibJab Jr.) – Biggest Pizza Ever is free
  • Monster at the End of the Book (5) $4.99
  • Draw Along with Stella and Sam – ($1.99) – draw and use your drawings in a story (5)
  • Harold Lite – nice story where children must complete the drawings. Would like to know how much the full version would be. Narrator has a soothing voice. (5)
  • I Like Dogs for Kids (Grasshopper Apps) – Read to me, Read by myself, or Autoplay; can record your own voice and even customize the text. Word highlighting. Many, many options (5) Free
  • ToyStory – many extras including Parachute Drop and Toy Barn Maze games (3 levels) and Paint (3 pictures) can also record your own voice. Tap Mickey to see options (5) Free
  • BrainPop Jr. – free video each day (requires Internet access) (5) Free

Recommend Checking Out

  • iTouch Books – requires Internet access Free
  • Curious Zoo – follow directions. Nice interface but it crashed (2) $0.99