Highly Recommend

  • PuppetPals HD (5) Free
  • Sock Puppets (5) Free
  • Storyrobe – iPhone sized and simple – add images, add audio, make a movie (5) $0.99
  • Art Maker - creation digital stories and save by screen or create movie. Movie creator is timed and you can't stop it early $0.99
  • Educreations – create shows with images, audio, text, drawing and save – to device or to Educations website (5) Free
  • Fotobabble – add audio to an image to tell a story, crop image, add special effects – saves in app or online if you have an account (5) Free
  • Doodle Buddy – popular paint app with ads (4) Free

Recommend Checking Out

  • StoryKit – create stories with images, sounds, and text. iPhone app. Saves to device. To Share requires email. Comes with a few ready to read stories (3) Free
  • Doodlecast (4) $2.99